Your revenue command center

Funnel IQ is your revenue command center, continuously monitoring the health of your revenue engine across marketing, sales and customer success, alerting you to anomalies and relevant signals in your GTM data. When an anomaly or signal is detected, you can assign ownership, run a play from your playbook, and drive the issue to resolution. In short, Funnel IQ will automatically generate insights on your GTM motion and allow you to take action on those insights, all within one platform.

Continuously monitor the health of your revenue engine, automatically

Funnel IQ will act as your eyes and ears, automatically monitoring the health of your GTM motion 24/7/365, alerting you when relevant signals are detected and allowing you to take the right action at the right time, all within one platform.

Monitor your end-to-end GTM motion

Connect your systems and monitor things like MQL turn around time, pipeline health, CRM hygiene, and prospecting activities towards a goal. Funnel IQ integrates with 150+ different systems, so you can tie your data together end to end across the entire GTM motion.

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Configurable alerts and notifications

Set alerts and notification thresholds based on your preferences, but it doesn't stop there. Outline plays to run, assign ownership and define escalation policies when alerts are triggered, so you can make sure the right teams are taking the right actions at the right time to drive issues to resolution.

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Execute your GTM playbook directly from Slack

When signals present themselves, what should you do and who should do it? Drop them into a sales sequence? Update your CRM? Loop in your CS team? With Funnel IQ, you can finally answer those questions - document the plays and playbooks in your GTM motion, outlining the steps to take when a signal is presented and execute on your playbook directly from Slack.

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Drive issues to resolution through incident response

When signals present themselves, action needs to be taken. But who should own issue resolution? And how do you make sure things are actually resolved in the right fashion? With Funnel IQ, you can assign priority levels to incidents, assign ownership and escalation policies, and easily track open issues and signals to ensure that everything is resolved in a timely fashion. After all, time is money.

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