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Building a command center for RevOps and GTM teams

For years, our team was frustrated by the lack of tools and software to support revenue operations teams. After all, RevOps is supposed to be the glue that holds the go-to-market function together, but the only thing they are given to do their job is spreadsheets!

We set out to change that, and deliver a platform that can be used by RevOps teams, both big and small - think of it as an operating system for your GTM team. After all, revenue is the single most important metric to any growing business - you have a dedicated operations team supporting revenue, so should have an operating system supporting it as well.

Leadership Team

We've spent decades working at technology companies, ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to successful early stage startups. We've toiled away in revenue operations ourselves, searching desperately for a solution to solve our problems. Since we couldn't find a solution that existed, we decided to build one ourselves. We strive to build the most simple and elegant software possible, empowering revenue operations teams across the globe for years to come.

Matt Volm

CEO and Co-Founder

Ganesh Sridharan

CTO and Co-Founder

Matt A-W

VP of Product

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