An operating system for GTM teams

Funnel IQ provides a go-to-market (GTM) data platform + end-to-end, full funnel analytics and insights that keep your marketing, sales and customer success teams aligned and working seamlessly together. Built in best practices around RevOps tell you what's working and what's not working, so you can better manage your full funnel. Within Funnel IQ, you also have the ability to collaborate on data across your entire GTM team. Finally, a complete solution to keep your GTM flywheel humming.

A single source of truth so you can stop guessing, and start knowing

With 15+ systems in your GTM tech stack, that means 15+ different sources of data. With Funnel IQ, you can aggregate, pool and ingest your
GTM data to get a single source of truth and a complete end to end view into the prospect and customer journey.

End-to-end full funnel reporting, analytics and insights

Stop wasting time on manual reporting and spreadsheet analysis. Funnel IQ provides an off-the-shelf, pre-built solution with 100+ analytics and insights that are core to any GTM team at a growing company. Finally, a single source of truth for all of your GTM data.


Anomaly detection, so you can shift from reactive to proactive

Stop hunting for issues and explanations in the data, trying to identify anomalies yourself. Spike in churn? Drop in MQL to SQL conversion? Lower than average velocity in your sales pipeline? Funnel IQ will identify these anomalies for you and raise them in real time so you can take corrective action immediately.


Gain full funnel visibility

Data silos are the biggest barrier holding GTM teams back from realizing their full potential. Funnel IQ provides you with one central repository, ensuring a clear view into the customer journey, from pre-sales to close and beyond.

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Real time collaboration across your entire GTM team

Looking at data in Funnel IQ on lead volume and have a question for your Director of Demand Generation? Just leave a comment right on the chart or table, which will trigger an alert for your colleague. You can even perform your weekly business reviews in Funnel IQ, creating your own visuals and reports and adding as much written context as you'd like. Finally, say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual data exports.


Get your GTM flywheel humming

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