World-class RevOps coaching and consulting

Funnel IQ will work with your company to identify gaps in your customer journey, recommend proven operational solutions, and execute work on both a strategic and tactical level. Access our modern enablement leaders, technical architects, and data analysts to help you plan, design, and assemble your commercial foundation. Whatever operational challenges you have, we'll create a personalized plan to support your revenue team and provide the tools you need to close gaps and increase your revenue.

Accelerate revenue growth through alignment across people, process and technology

We use proven frameworks and processes to break down silos within your GTM team, close gaps in your customer journey,
and drive growth through operational efficiency and effectiveness across the ENTIRE customer lifecycle.

RevOps assessment and current state of affairs

We'll perform an assessment of the people, process and technology within your GTM function and let you know what's working, what's not working, and what needs improvement. Once we understand where you are, we can figure out where you need to go.


Moving you up the RevOps maturity curve

We'll blueprint the future state of your revenue operations program and data model across the customer journey and provide step by step instructions and recommendations on how to get there. We'll also provide you with access to our frameworks and templates for customer segmentation, capacity planning, and more.


Technical services and systems implementations

Need help executing on the technical side of things? We've got you covered - we'll provide technical services and can implement best-in-class software to fine-tune your technology stack.

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Revenue operations enablement and support, on-demand

Spinning up a RevOps team from scratch? Team of 1 and need to build things out, but not sure where to start? Funnel IQ can help - we have a deep bench of RevOps experts ready to go, who can jump in and start supporting your company (and make an impact) immediately.


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